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  Illness and disease

The Victorian period was a time of limited diet and fairly basic sanitary conditions for the poorer families. In these conditions the health of the children was often under threat from diseases and infections.
One of the things which crops up regularly in the school Log Books is the occurrence of illnesses of many kinds.

New Radnor School - along with most of the others in the area - was hit by a measles epidemic in the winter of 1881.
Like diphtheria and scarlet fever, measles is easily treated by modern drugs today, but in Victorian times they were all serious illnesses and children could even die from them.
Sanitary conditions -
the effect of dirt and infections on the health.
  extract from New Radnor school records

The above entry from the school's records at that time reads:
"Over 70 children away in consequence of measles, so at noon today the school was broken up for a week."

The teachers knew that children coming to school from outlying areas could come into contact with the disease through school and spread it in that way. This is why schools were closed during major outbreaks. Most schools at this time were closed for part of each year because of illness.
In 1876, Evancoyd School closed for a month when the Headmistress Miss Lambert came down with an illness.

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