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  The coming of the railways  
  The success of the tramway and the growth of railways across Britain made local businessmen aware of the importance of railway links into Presteigne and the Radnor valley.
Richard Green Price of Norton Manor was very much involved in railway projects in mid Wales, and he had seen the benefits of the railway to Knighton.
After many delays and four Acts of Parliament, work on a branch line to Presteigne began in 1872, mainly paid for by the Green Price family.
Photograph by
kind permission of
Mrs Cherry Leversedge
Presteigne Station Railway ticket from Presteigne Station

300 workmen worked on the line, and the twenty new bridges taking roads over the railway had to be strengthened after one of them collapsed.
The work was finally finished and a grand opening took place on the 9th September 1875, with parades and a band.

The above photograph shows the station just a few years after it opened.


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