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  The verdict which was decided upon by the jury for the case against George Price which was held at Presteigne in 1845 is shown here.
This comes from what is called an "Order Book" which is the official record of the meetings of the "Quarter Sessions".
Arraigned - accused
Order Book
Order Book entry,1845

This entry from the Order Book reads:
"...for stealing one Oak Pole of the Value of two pence [1p] of the Goods and Chattels of one Elizabeth Davies the said George Price was arraigned and pleaded Not Guilty and then tried and found Guilty.
Ordered - That the said George Price be imprisoned in the House of Correction of this County [Radnorshire] for the space of three Calendar Months and be then and there kept to hard labour".

Today the sentence of three months in prison with hard labour seems amazing for stealing property worth a few pence, but it was not unusual for the times.

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