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  Captain Otway's coach  

The coming of the railway to Presteigne in 1875 connected the town with a great network of railways right across Britain, and in particular improved communications with English towns and cities. This did not really help travel westward into Wales though. title of coach service
Captain Otway
of Presteigne, an important man in the town, set up a coach service in 1876 to maintain connections between Presteigne and the coast as they had been at the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign. (see first page on coaches).

  painting of Captain Otway's coach

Captain Otway's coach (seen in the painting above) took 8 hours to travel from Presteigne to Aberystwyth, using 40 horses overall on the journey, with regular changes.
The fare was 30 shillings [£1.50] inside and 25 shillings [£1.25] outside.

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