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  Coach services at the beginning of the period  

Pigot's Directory of South Wales 1835, is a book which gives us lists of all the tradesmen, landowners, and services in Presteigne and New Radnor.
It is very much like the Yellow Pages of today (but without the telephone numbers !) and it also gives us a picture of the coach services at the time Queen Victoria came to the throne.

This was the only means people had of travelling beyond the area into the wider world at that time.


Pigot's Directory lists the coaches which called at Presteigne in 1835.
As you can see, it was possible to travel to towns in Herefordshire and on to Cheltenham, Worcester and London - if you could afford the fare !
You could also travel on into Wales, reaching the coast at Aberystwyth.

These would be long uncomfortable journeys if you were travelling on top of the coach in bad weather.


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