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Coaches through New Radnor  

As well as the Prince of Wales coach which also ran through Presteigne there were other coaches which connected New Radnor with towns in England and with Aberystwyth.
The Sovereign and the Tally-Ho were the other coaches which ran through New Radnor.


It could be a pleasant way to travel in good weather, but for much of the year you would need the shelter of an inside seat. These of course were the most expensive.
The coach would stop at coaching inns along the way where the passengers could get warm and have something to eat, and the driver could change the horses for fresh ones. In this way a reasonable speed could be kept up.
It could still be a very long day's ride from New Radnor to Aberystwyth !


the New Radnor to Aberystwyth coach at Llandrindod


Later in the Victorian period the coach from New Radnor to Aberystwyth called at the new town of Llandrindod Wells.
Here it can be seen loaded up for the next stage of the journey.


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