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Important local Victorians
  Sir Harford Jones-Brydges (1764-1847)
  Sir Harford Jones-Brydges of Boultibrooke outside Presteigne was of a family important in the county since the 16th century. Harford HouseFour generations of the family each called Harford Jones served as Sheriff of Radnorshire (the King's representative in the county).
Sir Harford was born at Harford House (seen today left) in 1764 and joined the East India Company as a youngster. He picked up many foreign languages in Asia and served as an ambassador to the royal court of Persia.
He published books on his travels and translated books from Persian and other languages. Because of his knowledge of this part of the world he was made an advisor to the King in 1831.
ambassador - a man who represented the Queen of Great Britain in foreign countries
Persia - a rich country in the Middle East now known as Iran
Deputy Lieutenant - the assistant to the Lord Lieutenant who looked after the county's armed forces for the Queen.

After he came home from his foreign travels he became very active in Radnorshire and the borders in the early Victorian period.
As an important landowner at Boultibrooke (below) he Boultibrooke Houseemployed many people and owned many farms. He served as a Justice of the Peace and as the Deputy Lieutenant for Radnorshire and Herefordshire. He was a very strong personality and spoke his mind. He paid for the building of a gallery in Norton Church but insisted that three rows of seats be kept for his servants.
He died at Boultibrooke in 1847.

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