Important local Victorians
  Sir Richard Green Price

Born plain Richard Green at Madley in Herefordshire, he trained as a solicitor and came to work in Knighton. He saw the poor conditions the working people were living in and worked to improve them.
He earned the respect of local men of influence and was made Chairman of the Board of Health, which tried to combat disease and infection. He was also County Treasurer for Radnorshire.

Sir Richard Green PriceHe lived with his family at The Cottage in Knighton. His wife died after 5 years of marriage and he re-married in 1844. In all he was father to 15 children, 3 of whom died in childhood.
In 1861 he inherited Norton Manor (below) from his uncle Richard Price. In his honour he changed his name to Richard Green Price.
He realised the importance of the new railways and invested his money in them, working hard to bring them to Radnorshire. He bought Rock House on the edge of Llandrindod Common, and was involved in developing the new town there.

Treasurer - the man who looked after the money for the county authorities.
Tenants - people who rent their home or farm from a landlord.
Sheriff - The Queen's representative in the county
  He built up an estate of 9000 acres which earned him £7000 a year in rents from his tenants. This made him a rich man in Victorian times. He became an MP in 1863, and after years of service in Parliament was made a baronet by the Prime Minister.
He was made a Justice of the Peace and was the Sheriff for Radnorshire in 1876.
Norton manor

He organised the restoration of Norton Church, and built a new school at Norton and comfortable new cottages for his estate workers. He was very active in the area and fought an election at the age of 83. He died a year later in 1887.

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