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The workhouse  

What work did inmates do ?



Work was designed to be hard and tedious and was an essential part of the workhouse regime. Local landowners and others who contributed to the upkeep of the inmates wanted conditions to be harsh as they resented giving money to the "undeserving poor".

Breakfast was at 5.00am from March to September and at 7.00am the rest of the year. Inmates began work after prayers.
With only two more breaks for lunch, dinner and more prayers they went to bed at eight.

It was thought that religion would help the poor to overcome their "laziness, fecklessness and drunkenness". Even school lessons for children revolved around the Bible.

Those who were unable to work lay in sick wards with nothing to break the monotony.

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Regime - a regular way of doing things.
Feckless - to be feeble and useless.
Monotony - a very boring routine.

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