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The workhouse  
  Making flannel in Forden workhouse  

The Forden workhouse was once called the "House of Industry" and at the beginning of the nineteenth century men, women and children were required to make flannel which was sold at a profit.

Map showing House of IndustryA typical working day usually lasted about 10 hours. Inmates were punished if they did not work hard enough.

The entry below from the records of the workouse tells of the successful sale of their newly made flannel at Welshpool.

Drawing of weavers
  Entry from workhouse records

The handwriting shown above says:
"The Steward reports that he sold 6 Pieces of Flannel at Pool Fair on Monday last with the approbation of Mr John Pugh - being the first produce for sale from the Manufactory."

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Crushing stone and picking oakum
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