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Newtown and Llanidloes Union workhouse  

In 1839 Llanidloes was involved in a Chartist outbreak. The Chartist movement took its name from the "People's Charter" of 1838 which demanded votes for all men and other changes to the political system.

Across Britain Chartists also resented the harsh working conditions of the times. They also hated the Poor Law Act of 1834.

  Engraving of workhouse  

In 1838 a branch of Chartists was set up in Llanidloes. They were led by Richard Jerman, a master carpenter. Meetings were held at a number of places in the town including the Red Lion inn.

There were a number of minor disturbances in the district and the workhouse at Caersws was a particular target after it was built in 1840.


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