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The workhouse  
Crickhowell Union workhouse  

A house for the poor of Crickhowell had been built before the Poor Law Act of 1834. Soon after, the Union workhouse at Llangattock was built and held up to 170 inmates.
The map below shows the workhouse at Llangattock.

Map showing workhouse

  The entry below is an extract dated 1836 from the workhouse minute books. The division of paupers by sex was in preparation for the establishment of the workhouse at the Llangattock site. Mr Franco was the Medical Officer to the Crickhowell Union.  
  Entry from workhouse records

The writing above is not easy to read, but it says:
"Mr Franco having certified that all the paupers now in Cwmdu and Langunider workhouses are capable of being removed, Ordered that measures be immediately taken for their removal; the men to Langattock and the women to Crickhowell Poor house."

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