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Earning a living
  Trades 1858: bootmaker to brazier  
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The surnames are first.

Slater's Directory of 1858 lists many of the local tradesmen working in the area at the time.
Some of these trades (like butchers and blacksmiths) are still around today, but many have disappeared.

A great many of the things we buy in local shops today have been made in factories in another country.
In early Victorian times transporting goods was much slower and more difficult. Because of that, much more of what people needed was produced locally by skilled craftsmen and women like the boot and shoemakers (above). They made big hobnailed boots for workmen working outside. There were no wellingtons in those days !

The braziers and tinmen were craftsmen who made objects out of brass and tin. In the days before plastics many containers were made from these.


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