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  Send for the Drill Sergeant !  

The most important subjects taught in Victorian elementary schools were the old favourites of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Geography and history were also on the timetable in most cases, together with drawing for the boys and sewing and knitting for the girls.
But instead of PT or games, many schools favoured marching, parading and military drill because it combined physical exercise with strict discipline.
This is part of the School Inspector's report on Newtown National School in 1873...

10th October - "The children passed a good examination except that the Writing of the first Standard and the Writing and Arithmetic of the Second were very indifferent"...

Schoolboys marching.
10th October
School diary entry "...The extra subjects had been well taught. The discipline was not perfect.
Singing from notes should be taught and Drill should be taught by a Drill Sergeant".

Similar reports from the Log Book of Llanllwchaearn School said
23rd November 1874 - "Military drill is much needed as the children are awkward and restless"
8th November 1875 - "Military drill should be attempted if possible. It would be found to improve the general discipline".

Perhaps a tough Drill Sergeant would have been able to sort out Rowland Morris, who was the terror of Newtown National School in 1895 - until he was expelled !

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