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Newtown and district
Victorian school days
  The rough boys of Newtown  
  Victorian schools had to prepare for regular visits by the official School Inspector who came to test the children's work. The reports of these inspections were copied into the school Log Book, and they often make interesting reading.
The first part of this one from Newtown National School in 1877 was not very kind about the boys of the town...
Victorian schoolboys Who are you calling
rough ?
Let's go and thump
him one, lads !
24th October
School diary entry
  24th October - "Considering the general roughness of the boys of Newtown I think the discipline of the school does great credit to the Master..."
In 1865 the head teacher of the same school also wrote about the behaviour of the boys - and of the "very nice" girls ! ...
13th September - "Boys are rather rude, especially the older ones. The girls are very nice in their behaviour".
Little girl We're much nicer
than those
horrible boys !
13th September
School diary entry

Some thirty years later, in August 1895, the school Log Book noted that "Rowland Morris, a Standard 3 boy, was expelled on Wednesday for gross insubordination. He was the worst boy in the school and was the terror of all the other boys".

The boys of Newtown are all very well behaved these days, of course ! Well, some of them are, anyway...

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