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  Montgomery in 1839  

The map below is based on a detail from the tithe map for Montgomery parish, and it gives us a picture of the town in the early years of Queen Victoria's reign.
Montgomery in 1839 appears little changed from the town a hundred years earlier. The wider open market space of Broad Street is at the heart of the town. Here are most of the shops and houses. The further away from here you go the more open are the spaces.


In Victorian times almost everyone had to pay tithes to the Church of England. At the beginning of the reign the tithe became a tax on your property. The maps were drawn to see what property everybody had

The line of the medieval town walls can still be seen on the map. Originally these open spaces in the town would have been garden plots and sheds for the inhabitants. In 1839 they still were.
In the top right hand corner of the map you can see the new County Gaol just outside the old town walls. (For more about the gaol click here)

Compare with the town in 1901 ...


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