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  Worrall's Directory, 1874 - miners and milliners  

Some more Machynlleth entries from the 1874 edition of Worrall's Directory of North Wales are shown on this page.
The listing for the local lead mining industry is not much changed in numbers from those listed in 1858 and 1868, though some names and owners are different. The mine at Dylife was by far the most important of them all, but it had been producing its best output around 1865.

The surnames
come first in
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Lead mines,1874 Millers,1874

Millers have always had an important job to do grinding corn in farming areas, and the numbers listed increased with the growth in the local population.
Saddlers and harness makers lost business with the coming of the railways, but horses were still important on the farm. With the coming of steam-driven machinery there was also new demand for leather drive belts.
In this 1874 list the "straw bonnet makers" of earlier years have become milliners [makers of women's hats].

Milliners & dressmakers,1874

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