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  Slater's Directory, 1868  

The entries shown here are from an edition of Slater's Directory of North Wales issued in 1868 - ten years later than the other one shown on these pages.
Since the flannel making and lead mining industries were once so important in the district, it is interesting to compare the two entries over the 10 years. There were 21 local flannel manufacturers listed in 1858, but only 16 in the 1868 entry below.

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Flannel manufacturers,1868

Lead merchants,1868

The lead merchants list is almost the same except that the Dylife Mining Company has joined the list. The output of the mine was highest in the early 1860's and a community of over 1000 people had grown around the mine. The output started to fall around 1868, when this directory was printed.

In Victorian times the tailors actually made the jackets, shirts and trousers for local people in their own workshops or houses. The mass production of ready-made clothes was to come later.


Tallow chandlers,1868 The tallow chandlers sold the cheaper sort of candles and bars of soap made from animal fats.

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