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  No knowledge of English words...  
  In 1894 at Aberhosan School the master makes a similar complaint about the infants and their lack of English...  
  School diary entry

This entry from the school diary reads:
"...These infants come to school with no knowledge of their letters, and absolutely ignorant of the meaning of the most common English words. I find it very difficult to give them a fair object lesson, except in Welsh."

'Object lessons' were seen as an important part of the teaching in Victorian schools. Teachers had an approved list of 'objects' to talk about in class, such as "snow", "camel", and "owl".
(There is an example of such a list from a Ystradgynlais school on another page.)

Today the Welsh language is taking its rightful place as an important European language and parents can choose to give their children an education through the Welsh language from nursery to university.

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