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Crime and punishment
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A stabbing in Machynlleth, 1878... (page 2)  
  Part of the evidence given by Rowland Wood in the assault case which followed the incident in Machynlleth in 1878 is shown below...  
  Quarter Sessions entry  

Mr Woods evidence reads:
" I then stood up and said to the prisoner "Gabriel Davies that is not right to strike a man on the ground like that". I then took hold of the stick which the prisoner had and wrenched it from him.
He then struck my hat off my head and he also I believe with the same blow struck me on my shoulder. I defended myself with the stick which I had taken from the prisoner and thereby kept him at a distance from me.
In consequence of something that was said by the crowd I stepped backwards and the prisoner immediately rushed at me and touched me on my left thigh. I did not then see any instrument in his hand and did not feel any".

Although he did not realise it at the time, Rowland Wood had been stabbed. Men in the crowd carried Mr Wood across the street to a gas lamp where they could see that he was wounded...

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