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Population graphs
  Census figures for the town of Machynlleth  


The actual recorded figures for the population of the town were: -

In the year 1841 - 1636 people
In the year 1851 - 1665
In the year 1861 - 1640
In the year 1871 - 2028
In the year 1881 - 2026
In the year 1891 - 1826
In the year 1901 - 2038

From this you can see that although the population dipped slightly in 1891, the general trend is upward.
At the end of Queen Victoria's reign the population of the town was the highest it had ever been.

Compare this to the population figures for other places in the area.
Is the trend there different?
What does this tell us?
What was going on in the area to cause the population to rise between 1861 and 1871?


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