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  Machynlleth in 1903  

1903 map of Machynlleth

  The map above is an enlarged section of an Ordnance Survey map of 1903.
It shows Machynlleth at the end of Queen Victoria's reign and reveals some of the changes to the town in that period.
Notice the development to the north side of Maengwyn Street where a foundry is working at the foot of Pen yr Allt and another chapel (marked Chap.) has been built.
Notice also the Machynlleth Union Workhouse at the eastern end of Maengwyn Street. (See the pages on the workhouse for more information).
As well as the National School in Doll Street the Intermediate or County School is shown behind Pentrerhedyn Street by Greenfields.

Perhaps the most significant change can be seen in the top left of the map where the railway station is indicated.
The coming of the railway in the 1860s made a huge improvement in communication and travel. Local products could be sold in far away places which helped local businesses and created jobs. Goods from all over the British Empire were brought in by rail and sold in local shops.

Compare with Machynlleth in 1842...


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