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A stabbing in Machynlleth, 1878... (page 4)  

More evidence in this case was given by Police Constable Edward Hamer. The attacker, Gabriel Davies, fled into the night after the assault. He must have caught a train out of Machynlleth. Constable Hamer set off on his trail.

In Victorian times in Powys a stranger was more noticeable in the countryside and the policeman was able to track Davies across country to Radnorshire.
Evantually Constable Hamer caught up with him in a pub at Gwystre near Llandrindod Wells, where he arrested him. As he took Gabriel Davies away in handcuffs the wretched man admitted he had attacked his son and Rowland Wood. His statement records what he said to PC Hamer...

  Quarter Sessions entry

This entry from the records of the case is not very easy to read, but it says:
"prisoner then said "Well Well I am done for now. I shall be transported for life." I afterwards charged himů."

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