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Crime and punishment
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A stabbing in Machynlleth, 1878... (page 5)  
  Gabriel Davies realised how serious his crime was, although he was wrong about transportation. By 1878 criminals were no longer transported to prison colonies overseas.
The official statement reports that Davies had said...
  Quarter Sessions entry

This entry from the records says...
"I hit him the first place that I had the chance but it was all through drunkenness" and then began to cry."

Despite admitting his guilt to PC Hamer, he pleaded "Not Guilty" at his trial. The jury thought otherwise and the old documents record his punishment...

  Quarter Sessions entry

"Ordered that the above named prisoner Gabriel Davies be confined in Her Majesty’s Prison at Shrewsbury and there kept to hard labour for nine calendar months"

Hard labour in a Victorian prison was very hard indeed ! Gabriel Davies paid a heavy price for his drunken behaviour.

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