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Some Victorian maps
  Comins Coch in 1837  

The image below is an enlarged section of an Ordnance Survey map of 1837.
This shows the narrow valley of the River Twymyn and the small community on its banks. This community grew up in this place because the valley was a main route through the Cambrian Mountains to Machynlleth and the coast, and it was at this spot that the turnpike road bridged the river.


map of Comins Coch in 1837


The building marked Pandy on the map is a fulling mill. Watermills were an important feature of the Victorian landscape in Montgomeryshire. They used the energy of the moving waters of the river to turn the mill wheel. Cogs and wheels and belts attached to the mill wheel would then drive machinery.
Some mills powered millstones to grind corn, others powered looms to weave flannel. This mill drove wooden hammers to force a chemical called fuller's earth into woollen cloth to clean it.

Map of Comins Coch in 1903...


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