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The workhouse
  Treats for people in the workhouse

When the Unions were set up, poor people claiming help were made to feel ashamed that they could not support themselves. By the end of Queen Victoria’s reign attitudes to paupers seems to have softened. More people accepted that many of the paupers were unable to support themselves through no fault of their own. They were simply too old or sick to work and had no family to look after them. Many were women with small children, whose husbands had died or had abandoned them.

Two entries from the Machynlleth Workhouse records for 1900 reflect this kinder attitude. The first shows the more privileged in society offering some comforts to the less fortunate...

Tendered - offered
Inmates - people living in the workhouse

  Entry from workhouse records

The entry shown above reads:
"Resolved that the thanks of the Board be tendered to the Most Honourable the Marchioness (D) of Londonderry and Mr & Mrs Edwards, Rock Ferry, for their treats to the inmates during the last month".

There is more about the improved conditions on the next page...

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