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Llanwrtyd and district
Taking the waters
  Llangammarch Wells  

Another of the group of mid-Wales spas popular with the Victorians lay between Llanwrtyd Wells to the west and Builth Wells to the east.
This was Llangammarch Wells, which, though smaller than the other spas, still attracted many visitors to take the waters and enjoy the healthy surroundings of the district.

Playing tennis

Cammarch Hotel
This picture is from a tourist guide published around 1890, and it shows the Cammarch Hotel, the parish church beyond it, and the River Irfon and the bridge.
The advertisement for this hotel mentions the benefits of their cold mineral bath !
Hotel advertisement

As with Llanwrtyd Wells, many of the visitors to the spas at Llangammarch Wells came by train from the industrial and mining areas of the south Wales valleys. For many of these people working conditions were awful, and living conditions not much better.
They would have been in desperate need of a holiday in the hills with clean air and pleasant surroundings, as well as any benefit they and their families might have had from 'taking the waters'.

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