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Taking the waters
  The sealed spring at Dolecoed  

The water produced at the Dolecoed Well, the famous old 'Stinking Well', was almost a pure sulphur water with very high levels of suphurated hydrogen. When the rate of flow was measured it was found to produce around 4,500 gallons a day.

The sealed
spring at

Sealed well, Dolecoed The 'smelly water' was never pumped but came out naturally, and it was not stored in tanks. The supplies of this special water were thought to be almost unlimited.
The source of the water was
sealed in Victorian times in a massive round marble pedestal which was decorated with mosaic stones. This was to prevent the loss of the natural gases produced in the well which added to the goodness of the water. There was a thick glass top to the tank and visitors could see the gas bubbling through the water in an angled mirror placed above the well.

The sulphur water was fed through ebonite pipes under natural gravity to the baths at Dolecoed, where it was heated to the required temperature for medicinal purposes.
It was claimed that "The thermal apparatus employed in the bathing establishment is so excellent that it is possible to obtain baths at any temperature that may be prescribed, without lessening in the smallest degree the therapeutic powers of the mineral water".

The Dolecoed Pump Room also offered water from the "Chalybeate Spring" which was water containing iron salts. This evidently gave the water a "greenish tint" but "the taste is somewhat pleasant" ! This water had no smell at all - which is more than could be said of the sulphur water !

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