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Taking the waters
  The Victorian delights of Dolecoed  
  Many travellers guides were published in the late Victorian years to help visitors able to make use of the growing railway network. Some typical examples from these, referring to Llanwrtyd Wells, are shown on this page.  
Dolecoed Wells
This picture is from a guide to Llanwrtyd Wells from around 1895.
It shows the Dolecoed Wells buildings in the park next to the Dolecoed Hotel.
From a
travel guide
Guide book entry  
Another view of the Dolecoed Hotel as seen from the
River Irfon.
A tourist guide claimed that this setting
"cannot be rivalled for peaceful serenity in all Britain", and that it has the choice of "short walks for the fatigued, aged, or infirm" and "long mountain tours for the vigorous, hale and hearty" !
Dolecoed Hotel

These early holiday guides were very keen to attract visitors with claims like "In what place can boating be secured amid such charming surroundings and peaceful seclusion as at Llanwrtyd Wells ?" and "Where are tennis courts more like fairy haunts ?" The old spa buildings which once attracted so many visitors to take the waters in Victorian times and after are now in a sad boarded-up state. The town and the district, however, still has a lot to offer, including the charming surroundings !

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