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  The greatest hits live from Llanwrtyd Wells  

You can get a very good idea of the 'holiday camp' atmosphere of the busy years of the Victorian spas from the wonderful old photograph on this page. It was taken at Llanwrtyd Wells during Llanwrtyd holidaymakers the interval of a musical entertainment provided for the visitors, probably in the early 1900s.
The four men standing on the platform were presumably singers, since they don't seem to have any musical instruments apart from the piano.

Some of the audience
from the photograph
A musical
at Llanwrtyd
around 1901
Entertainers at the spa

The 'stage' seems to be a temporary wooden platform and the spectators are gathered around on the grassy slopes beneath the trees. The late Victorian and the Edwardian years were the heyday of music hall entertainment, and holidaymakers at the spas and at the seaside resorts enjoyed hearing the latest popular songs of the day.

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