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Llanwrtyd and district
Population graphs
  Census figures for Llanddewi Abergwesyn parish  

  The actual recorded figures for the population of the parish were:-  
  In the year 1841 - 143 people
In the year 1851 - 103
In the year 1861 - 111
In the year 1871 - 110
In the year 1881 - 81
In the year 1891 - 83
In the year 1901 - 69

The parish of Llanddewi Abergwesyn is a large remote mountainous area up against the Cardiganshire border. Although the figures show how few people lived here, there were more people living in scattered holdings than there are living there today.
(To see a map of the hamlet of Abergwesyn around the beginning of Victoria's reign click here).

Compare this graph with those of other parishes in the area.
Is the overall trend the same?
If the trend differs, in what way does it differ?


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