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Llanwrtyd and district
Some Victorian maps
  Llangamarch around 1840  

The map below is based on a detail from the tithe map and it gives us a picture of this community in the early years of Queen Victoria's reign. The community was very small but grew up around the parish church at the heart of the old parish of Llangammarch where two rivers met (Rivers Cammarch and Irfon). The map is of the Treflys part of the parish and so does not show the couple of buildings over the river to the South at that time.


In Victorian times almost everyone had to pay tithes to the Church of England. At the beginning of the reign the tithe became a tax on your property. The maps were drawn to see what property everybody had
Llangamarch around 1840Powys County Archives

In 1841 alost everyone in the area was involved in working on the land in some way. Most were farmers, farm labourers or servants. There were also shepherds and drovers. There were also 2 carpenters, 3 miners, 1 grocer, 2 tailors, 2 blacksmiths and a saddler.
At Tymawr was a cooper and his apprentice and also lodging there a schoolmaster. The Red Lion was run by John Davies.

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