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  No heating in November !  
Drawing by
Davena Hooson
Going to school in winter was often a tough business in Victorian times. Many children in country districts had to walk miles to school in all weathers and often over rough tracks across the hills.
And when they arrived it could be as cold in the school as it was outside ! This is from the diary of Llangamarch School in 1895...
Walking through snow.
1st November
School diary entry
Drawing by
Rob Davies

This Log Book entry reads -
1st November - "The weather continues to be bitterly cold and the fact that there is no fire in the school makes it impossible to expect a good attendance. Coal should have been provided for the school early in October and a fire should be lit every morning since the beginning of last month..."
Many parents kept their younger children at home because of the risk to their health from getting wet on the way to school and then staying cold and wet all day.
The diary of Garth School in January 1881 said "Could not use copy books the first two days, the ink being frozen". The teacher also wrote "The Board should supply a stove for warming the room, as I could not keep the children properly warm and complaints have been made". Not surprising, really !
There is more about cold weather problems for local schools on the next page...

It's too cold to hold a needle, miss ! ...


Cold child at school.
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