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  Can I have my present now, please ?  

There were some occasions when the local schools had, for a change, almost all the children turning up. Usually this was because of a special treat such as a party paid for by the local gentry from the 'Big House'.
Christmas was usually a good time for children to make the effort to go to school in the hope of getting sweets and presents !
This comes from the Llanidloes National School diary for the week before Christmas, 1882 ...

21st December
School diary entry "The attendance has been remarkably good this week. Nearly every boy and girl on the Books have been present, cause - expecting prizes or presents to be distributed".

It is not surprising that the children would be keen to go to school if there was a chance of getting treats from some Victorian school partyof the wealthier people of this district.
Many families would have had little money to spare for Christmas presents for their children, and very often children
were away from school helping with jobs to support the family.

But sometimes the money given to children for their school fees was spent on something else, as you can see on the next page ...

Another treat for the local children...


That's the fourth cake
you've had !
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