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The flannel industry
  Hand-loom weavers  

At the early years of Queen Victoria's reign the actual weaving of the woollen flannel cloth was still being done on hand-looms. This was done by skilled weavers in cottages and farmhouses across the area in the winter. The weavers would then earn a living on the land in summer.

As the industry began to grow in the area, weaving began to be done in Llanidloes itself with weavers' cottages built specially.
The building of the canal up the Severn valley to Newtown meant that Llanidloes flannel would only have to be transported there instead of all the way to Shrewsbury. This was another important development for the industry.

handloom weaver

weavers' cottagesThese houses in Highgate near the Short Bridge, Llanidloes had large open workshops on the top floor and living space for the weaver and his family below.



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