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The Chartist troubles - 5
  The cavalry comes to town !  

It took a few days for the military reinforcements to arrive at Llanidloes, and in the meantime it was the Chartists themselves who patrolled the town and kept order !
On Saturday 4th May, 1839 a force of infantry soldiers from Brecon and a combined force of around 200 Yeoman Cavalry arrived on the scene.
It must have been a strange sight as so many mounted troops rode into Llanidloes with their sabres drawn - and then couldn't see any sign of the 'armed revolution' which they were supposed to put a stop to !

Part of reward poster This is part of a reward
notice which promised one
hundred pounds for the
recapture of the leader of
the Chartists who had been
rescued by the crowd of
This was a large sum of
money in 1839 !

The troops sealed off the town and arrested over thirty Chartists, including three women, and sent them to Montgomery jail.
Although there was little resistance to be found in the town a military force stayed in the town until the following year.

Following the trial of those involved in the release of the arrested Chartists, three Llanidloes men were sentenced to be transported from Woolwich in October 1839.
It took a few years, but most of the rights which the Chartists had been demanding were later won in Britain.


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