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Llanfyllin and district
Lake Vyrnwy
  The big house and the little houses  

As well as the old village of Llanwddyn and a number of farms, the upper valley of the River Vyrnwy also included Eunant Hall Eunant Hall. This was a large house on the estate owned by Sir Edmund Buckley, a member of the local gentry. It was located near the head of the present lake, and, like the other buildings in the valley above the dam, it was demolished before the valley was flooded.
The picture of the lost house shown here gives a good idea of how steep the sides of the valley are, which made it suitable for creating the new lake by building the Vyrnwy dam lower down the valley.

Eunant Hall
in the
Vyrnwy valley
around 1888

Llanwyddyn village c1888 This is from another
early engraving of the
old village of Llanwddyn.
Normal life in the
village continued as
the dam was being
built across the valley.
The engraving shown on the right is of one of the bridges over the River Vyrnwy on the floor of the valley. Vyrnwy bridge

All of the scenes shown on this page were soon to disappear for ever under the waters of the new lake created to provide a water supply for Liverpool.

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