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Llanfyllin and district
Lake Vyrnwy
  A new Welsh lake for Liverpool's water  

Lake Vyrnwy was created by the Victorians when they built the first large masonry dam in Britain between 1881 and 1888.

A new water supply was urgently needed for the growing city of Liverpool, and the pure water of the Welsh mountains was to be carried by an aqueduct to the city.

Vyrnwy valley before flooding.

The village of Llanwddyn, seen in this picture, was lost underwater when the dam, visible in the background, was brought into use to block the River Vyrnwy.
Use the links below for more about the making of Lake Vyrnwy.

The Vyrnwy valley from Llanwddyn,
looking towards the dam.
Water for the city
The lost village of Llanwddyn
Building the Vyrnwy dam
The tower of Lake Vyrnwy
The skilled engineers

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