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  Diamond Jubilee parade in Llanfyllin  

This photograph was taken looking north-west along High Street, Llanfyllin from the raised bank at Penybryn. The view is facing the opposite direction to that shown on another of these pages, of the Broad Street part of the town centre.
The town Mayor, the Town Crier and other officials are grouped at the centre of the picture.

Photograph by kind permission of the Powysland Club and the Llanfyllin and District Civic Society.
Jubilee parade
High Street

Jubilee parade 1895

The occasion was a procession to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (60 years as Queen !) in July 1897.
The cart at the front of the parade carries a decorated ox with the ceremonial 'Knights of the Cleaver'. In the evening the animal was cut up and given to the poorest families in the town !

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