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  A summer morning in Broad Street  

This fine old photograph was taken around 1895, looking along Broad Street in Llanfyllin, part of High Street.
Some of the local shopkeepers, their customers, and several local children have stopped to watch the photographer at work. A few pony carts are to be seen in the background.

Photograph by kind permission of the Powysland Club and the Llanfyllin and District Civic Society.
Broad Street

Broad Street 1895
The picture of the Diamond Jubilee procession on another of these pages was taken from the raised area at Penybryn, seen in the right background.

The building on the left with the awning like a tent is the Trade Hall. The business under the 'tent' was the main clothes shop in the town at that time, the 'General and Fancy Draper' run by Mr R.O.Lloyd.
The next building along on the same side is the Eagle Hotel, with a golden eagle (not a real one !) perched above the porch.

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