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Llanfair and district
Earning a living
  Sutton's Directory 5: stationer to timber merchant  

Directory entry
By the time this directory was published in 1889 far more people in the local community would have been able to read and so use the services of the stationers.
With no telephones the Victorians were great letter writers. These local stationers would have sold the paper, ink and pens needed.

The treatments the surgeons gave to sick people in the community would have improved since 1835 as well.
The treatment still had to be paid for though, and this would have been a problem for many poor people.

Compare the entries in Sutton's Directory with those in Pigot's Directory.
Can you find any tradesmen who are still working?
Look for tradesmen with the same surname. Businesses were often passed from father to son.


Don't forget!
The surnames are first

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