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Llanfair and district
Earning a living
  The gentry and professionals of the area in 1835  

extract from trade directory.This is a list of all the people in the Llanfair area who wanted themselves listed as "Gentry" in 1835.
The gentry were people who did not do a job to earn a living, but earned money by letting their property to tenants and charging a rent. They certainly thought of themselves as being superior to those "in trade" or who worked for them.

Some of the names of the local great houses have been given unusual spellings by printers unfamiliar with Welsh placenames, but they will still be recognisable to local people.

Don't forget!
The surnames are first
  The professional men at the beginning of Victoria's reign had to work to earn a living, but they were men who were educated. Here we can see the lawyers or attorneys who were trained in the law, and the local bookseller, stationer and printer. At the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign only the gentry and professional classes could read. These people would have been Robert Jones' customers.
In early Victorian days the role of the surgeon was changing. Up to this time a surgeon had not had a great deal of training, but he could pull teeth and set broken limbs. Later on in the reign doctors would get much more training, and the surgeon became the doctor with special training in carrying out operations.
Notice that all these people are men! Most professions were closed to women in the Victorian period.

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