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Llandrindod and district
in Victorian times
  Plas Winton Hotel, Llandrindod Wells  

This old photograph is taken from a picture postcard sold to visitors to Llandrindod Wells in the early 1900s. As there are motor cars in the picture as well as horse-drawn carriages it must date from the early years of the Edwardian era.
The square was called Plas Winton because it was next to the large hotel of the same name which was on the nearside of the road, out of the picture on the left. The Plas Winton Hotel is now the Commodore Hotel.

Plas Winton
Plas Winton Square

The building in the centre was originally the North and South Wales Bank (now HSBC Bank), and the southern end of Middleton Street is on the right.
The horse-drawn carriages were popular with with visitors in the heyday of the spa resort, and they offered leisurely rides around the lake and the park.
The smaller invalid carriages were mainly used by the many elderly people attracted to Llandrindod, and the health benefits of its natural mineral waters.

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