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  Llandrindod National School  

This old photograph, which is unfortunately a bit on the dark side, shows the children of Llandrindod and Cefnllys School (the National School) around 1895.
The gentleman on the right looks rather like a French policeman in this picture, but he was the teacher. He was wearing a straw hat - but you can't see the brim !

and Cefnllys
around 1895
Llandrindod School children

Although it started at an earlier date in the church, Llandrindod and Cefnllys National School was first opened in 1878, before it had a proper school building. The first classes were held in the local Assembly Rooms.
The school fees were 6 pence a week for one child, 9 pence for two children from the same family, or 11 pence for three ! Any more than three cost 2 pence each !
The first school building in Tremont Road was used until recently by Theatr Powys. The history of this little school continues today as Trefonnen School.

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