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Francis Kilvert was a Victorian curate who became famous after his diaries were first published in the late 1930s. They told of everyday life among both the wealthy and the poor people of his parishes. He spent some years at Clyro near Hay, and often stayed at the mansion of Lysdinam at Newbridge on Wye.
The Log Book of Llanyre National School records two visits to the school by Francis Kilvert, including this one in 1870...

30th September
School diary entry Francis Kilvert
  30th September - "The Revd. Mr Kilvert, Curate of Clyro, visited the School this morning. I examined the different classes in Scripture, Arithmetic etc. He expressed himself highly pleased with the answers etc."
On another visit to the school in 1875 he "seemed to take great interest in School work".
around 1905
School at Newbridge Diary title page
The school can be seen in the background in this photograph (left) of Newbridge Horse Fair. These events were once held regularly on the village green.

Francis Kilvert would be amazed at having become known around the world for his now famous "Kilvert's Diaries". He struggled to earn enough money in his lifetime and died in Herefordshire in 1879 at the age of only 39, just one month after his wedding.

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