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Llandrindod and district
in Victorian times
  The Bridge Hotel - and guests !  

This photograph was probably taken in the mid 1890s in front of the Bridge Hotel in Temple Street, Llandrindod Wells. It seems that the letter 'B' of the hotel sign was missing when the picture was taken, so it looks more like the Ridge Hotel !
The hotel was first opened as Coleman's Hotel in 1872, later renamed as Bridge Hotel, and is now the Metropole Hotel.

Bridge Hotel
Bridge Hotel
Portion of 1891 map

The proprietors of the Bridge Hotel probably arranged with a local photographer for this group of residents to be pictured with the hotel in the background.
The hotel can be seen near the centre of the portion of a map of the area as it was in 1891. At that date you will notice that there was a much larger open space opposite the Bridge (now Metropole) Hotel, with open ground between the building and the Holy Trinity Church.

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