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Llandrindod and district
in Victorian times
  High Street, Llandrindod Wells  
  The photograph below shows High Street, Llandrindod Wells, and it was probably taken around 1900 at the end of the Victorian years.
The attractive building nearest the camera is 'Clovelly', which still survives much the same but sadly the shops are now boarded up.
The decorative balcony and wrought iron pillars were typical Victorian features of many buildings in the town. An example of the elaborate ironwork still to be found in Llandrindod Wells is shown in the small picture on the right.
Wrought ironwork
High Street,
around 1900
High Street, Llandrindod

The High Street was originally the most important area of the town, being close to the railway station. In this view the railway line is just out of the picture to the right, and the station is also further down High Street to the right.
During the 1870s the land on the eastern side of the railway was gradually being developed, and by 1880s the main life of the town had become centred on Middleton Street and Temple Street.

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