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Llandrindod and district
in Victorian times
  The Central Wales Emporium

Victorian Llandrindod Wells had its own large 'department store' which provided a remarkably wide range of goods and services to visitors. This was the Central Wales Emporium, which was one of many costly investments by enterprising people who had faith that the new town would be a success. The business had grown from a small shop first opened in Penybont in 1799.

Emporium - marketplace or shop.
Central Wales

Central Wales Emporium

An advertisement from 1892 claimed that "The Emporium comprises a very handsome and imposing block of buildings...and here a very large business in Millinery, Dressmaking, Tailoring, Carpets, and Family Drapery is carried on. Mr Thomas constantly visits the manufacturing centres, and the best and latest products of Lancashire and Yorkshire looms, as well as the latest fashions, very soon find their way to this Emporium".
The building also housed a cafe and tearooms, and even provided apartments for visitors. It still stands at the junction of Temple Street and Station Crescent, but nowadays there are a number of different shops at street level.

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A paper published in 1887 said "Who would expect to find in a remote Welsh Spa, an Emporium where the finest manufactures and the latest fashions may be obtained, in some respects more readily than even in London ?"
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