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Llandrindod and district
in Victorian times
  A carriage ride in Llandrindod Wells  

This interesting old photograph of a horse-drawn carriage waiting to set off with a full load of passengers was taken in Park Terrace, Llandrindod Wells.
Park Terrace marks the eastern boundary of the Rock Park, and building work here began in 1874.
The town's new Post Office and Savings Bank opened at the northern end of Park Terrace in 1896, at the junction with Park Crescent and High Street.

Carriage in
Park Terrace

Carriage in Park Terrace

The date of this picture is uncertain, but it was probably taken in the 1880s. Carriage rides around the boating lake and other local attractions were popular for many years.
All the larger hotels in the town also provided a carriage service to meet incoming trains and collect their new guests. Often the forecourt of the railway station would be crowded with carriages and luggage carts from the various hotels. It is possible that the passengers pictured above may be heading for the station after a stay in the town, since many of the houses in Park Terrace provided accommodation for visitors. They overlooked the Rock Park and were very close to the mineral springs.

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