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Knighton and district
In old pictures
  Under Panpunton Hill  

The picture below shows the small border town of Knighton nestling under Panpunton Hill.
The artist J.M. Ince has included some local country people to make the scene more "picturesque". Prints like this were sold to travellers in the days before photography. They could be framed and hung on the wall as a memento of a holiday or journey.

Joseph Murray Ince was a local artist from Presteigne. Click here to find out more about him.
View of
Knighton and
  Notice how the artist has exaggerated the landscape slightly to make the scene more dramatic. The prints were more likely to sell that way.
Although the picture does make the scenery more mountainous than it really is, it still gives us a good idea of what the town looked like in the early 19th century.

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